Online Training Transformation

Online Training Transformation

I am often asked what kind of online training transformation is possible with one or two training sessions. When a woman comes to me wanting to make an online training transformation, her long term health and well being is of course my main concern.. Finding ways to increase a woman’s metabolism, helping her have more energy and in general, be better at life! That is what my training programs are all about.

Recently, I began working with Mylena. This busy 42 year old mother of 6 needed a plan laid out to take her step by step through what she needed to do to get healthier and feel great. She had been working out several months on her own but felt stuck. 

After our initial consultation over the phone and determining her needs, I put together her first training and nutrition programs to help support her weight loss goals and to begin her online training transformation. Over our 16 weeks of training, Mylena worked out between 4-5 times per week, never more than an hour at a time. She completed cardio between 3-5 sessions per week, usually about 15-20 mins per session. The best part was nutrition. We were able to balance her nutritional needs while stoking her metabolism with meal plans between 1550-1800 per day. Many times, we include completely free calories everyday where she had the option of including any type of food she wanted. Lots of options, new recipes and delicious, healthy foods that kept her full and satisfied!

The results? Officially Mylena has lost 15 lbs on the scale, but clearly her body has changed well beyond that with added muscle and lost bodyfat. She lost 5 inches off her hips, 3 inches off her waist and 3 inches off each thigh! The most exciting part though was to see her Fit Test results. Over the 16 week program, Mylena became significantly faster, strong and more flexible.


Week 1: 30 on knees
Week 16: 31 on feet

1 Mile Run
Week 1: 13 mins
Week 16: 8:45

Sit & Reach Flexibility
Week 1: 8 in
Week 16: 23 in

16 Week Online Training Transformation Front

Online Personal Training Transformation

16 Week Online Training Transformation Back

Online Personal Training Transformation

16 Week Online Training Transformation Side

Online Personal Training Transformation

Wondering what type of changes you can make in 16 weeks of Online Personal Training?

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