Ornella Grosz

Ornella Grosz

Recognizing that her health and fitness are just as important as her career, Ornella Grosz makes an incredible transformation in just 4 months losing inches and really defining her abs!

At the same time, her strength and overall fitness have soared as she shaved 1:30 seconds off her 1 mile run and bringing her resting heart rate down from 88 bpm to 64. Talk about fitter and healthier! WOW!


Henderson, Nevada

Personal Information

Personal development has always been the core of my values.  I have an entrepreneurship spirit.  Easily, my life can be taken up with the minutiae of work.  Self-reflection is the way I can check up on myself from the inward in order to move onward. There’s a tremendous amount of information thrown at me at once. Taking the time out to schedule for my body and health goals are as important as my career.   I have a never-ending love-hate relationship with chocolate and ice cream. And, an unconditional love for my family and close friends—and, of course, my puppy.

Transformation Info

My body has transformed a lot in the last 4 months!!!  I’ve lost inches and pounds. My body is much stronger. Thus far, I’m amazed by my transformation.

Nutrition and appropriate workouts are the two biggest contribution factors.  However, nutrition –to me—weighs more heavily. I’ve learned my body responds to certain foods better than others.

What role does fitness play in your life?

A big role. It’s important to me to have a way to exert energy, sweat, and push myself. When I make working out a priority, I have more energy and strength for daily activities.

What motivates you to lead a healthy lifestyle?

This may sound cheesy, but I don’t want to buy bigger clothes. I like to feel good and look good. I want to stay as healthy as possible. This complements my perception of life which is there’s only one me—and, I want to be the best version of myself.

"I want to be the best version of myself."

What unique challenges have you faced in reaching your fitness goals?

I feel like my legs/thighs are the hardest part for me to define. Nutrition is a challenge for me—believe it or not.  I love sweets—I think I’m addicted…lol.  Hanging out around me you might not know it.  But, I can eat a ½ gallon of Dreyer’s Rocky Road Ice Cream and be so happy!

Best part of working with Julie Lohre

The best part is she is very understanding and she wants to really help you reach your fitness goals. I really  like how Julie listens to me and takes the feedback I provide to create my meals and workouts.  I never knew how quickly I could get results. Julie has a complete understanding of body shaping and I’m glad she took me on as one of her clients. She has been life changing.

"I never knew how quickly I could get results!"

Julie Lohre with Online Training Client Ornella Grosz

Online Personal Trainer Julie Lohre with Ornella Grosz

Worst part of working with Julie Lohre

She never recommends Rocky Road ice cream!

How do you balance nutrition and clean eating? Favorite clean eating foods or recipes?

This is the hardest thing! Anything that I can throw together without having to do too much cooking will work for me. 

My favorite recipe that Julie has put in my meal plan was the Chicken Fried Rice!  Love it!

What does a typical workout look like for you?

A typical workout that Julie put together for me as part of our Online Training Program for me would include weights and plyometric.  I prefer dynamic workouts and efficiency. I like workouts where I can do multiple exercise in one area and move on to another area. The free weight area of my gym is a good example of it. I can use a bench, barbells, dumbbells, and stability ball and complete many different exercises like:

So, for part of my time working out at the gym, I don’t even have to leave the area. That’s efficient use of time!

"My body has transformed a lot in the last 4 months!!!  I’ve lost inches and pounds. My body is much stronger. Thus far, I’m amazed by my transformation."Ornella Grosz
Ornella Grosz Online Personal Training Transformation

Ornella Grosz at the Fitbody Photo Shoot.

Fit Mom Jennifer HarerOrnella Grosz Online Training Transformation

Other Comments?

At first, I was little hesitant to try online personal training but Julie made it super easy! I’m so glad her and I had a chance to meet in person at the FITBODY Free Fitness Photo Shoot!  She is definitely a positive and empowering woman!

Are you ready to take your fitness to a whole new level like Ornella Grosz did?

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