Push Press Exercise

Push Press

How to perform the Barbell Push Press Exercise

Barbell Push Press demonstrated by IFBB Pro Julie Lohre

Crossfit has made the push press a very popular movement that engages the whole body.  The Push Press movement can be done with dumbbells or a barbell, however you feel most comfortable.

How do you do a push press?

To begin this movement, grab a barbell with an overhand grip and stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width. Keep your lower back arched and butt back, lift the barbell, flaring elbows out, and then flip wrists and clean bar to rest on you clavicles and shoulders. Make sure to bring your elbows high so that they are nearly parallel to the floor.

Slightly flex your hips and knees, keeping torso erect and getting a good grasp on the bar, and then explosively striaghten your hips and legs while pressing the bar over and slightly behind your knees.

Lower bar to shoulders and bend hips and knees simultaneously, then straighten hips and knees and immediately press bar overhead again.  That completes one rep of the Barbell Push Press.

What are Push Presses good for?

Push press is primarily a delt exercise, it develops upper-body strength, conditions the rotator cuff and works your abs as you hold the weight in the overhead position.

Barbell Push Press with Julie Lohre
Barbell Push Press with Julie Lohre

**IFBB Pro Julie Lohre’s Tip: This can be a very challenging move!  Keep your core tight as you drive the weight overhead.

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