Signs you need to reverse diet

Top Signs You Need to Start Reverse Dieting

Top Signs You Need to Start Reverse Dieting

Do you actually need to be eating MORE in order to lose fat? Here are the top signs that you need to reverse diet!

Do you feel stuck with your weight loss? Are you spinning your wheels, exercising hard, dieting even harder, but not seeing progress? If this sounds like you, it might be time to consider reverse dieting. In this article, I will explore the most common signs indicating you need to start reverse dieting to get back on track with your weight loss goals.


Reverse Dieting Results
Check out the results of Nina’s reverse dieting efforts. She weighs 116 in both photos!!!!

Understanding Reverse Dieting

Reverse dieting involves gradually increasing your caloric intake over time while balancing your activity levels. This approach can help combat metabolic slowdown, allowing you to shed extra pounds and reduce body fat, even if you’ve been stuck for years. While it may sound counterintuitive, there’s science behind it—sometimes, you must increase your calories to lose weight effectively.

Signs You Need to Start Reverse Dieting

1. Low Energy Levels

One of the primary signs you might need to start reverse dieting is consistently low energy levels. If you struggle to wake up in the morning and maintain energy throughout the day, it could be a sign that you’re not consuming enough calories to support your metabolic needs.

Understanding Metabolism

Metabolism refers to the biochemical processes that convert food and drinks into energy. This energy, quantified in calories, is essential for maintaining body functions like breathing, circulating blood, and cellular repair—collectively known as your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

When your caloric intake is significantly below your RMR, your metabolism can slow down, leading to fatigue. Insufficient calorie intake affects your ability to perform daily activities and can result in brain fog. If you are constantly tired, it might be time to reassess your calorie intake.

2. Binge Eating

Binge eating can be a surprising indicator that you need to reverse diet. Are there times when you feel overwhelmed by hunger and out of control with your eating? Binge eating, where you consume a large amount of food in a short period, is a sign that your body is not getting enough nutrition.

The Cycle of Overeating and Undereating

Many of the women that come to me for online fitness and nutrition coaching find themselves caught in a cycle of overeating and undereating. This inconsistent eating pattern can slow down your metabolism and prevent weight loss. Eating low calories for several days followed by a binge disrupts your body’s balance, making it harder to lose weight. By increasing your daily caloric intake with healthy foods, you can avoid this cycle and maintain consistency.

Signs you need to reverse diet
Here are the signs that you need to reverse diet!

3. Constant Hunger

Do you constantly think about food and feel hungry even after meals? This is another sign that you might need to start reverse dieting. Constant hunger, where food is always on your mind, indicates that your body is not receiving adequate calories.

Physical vs. Emotional Hunger

It’s essential to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger. Physical hunger persists even after distraction and indicates that your body needs more fuel. When you severely cut calories, your hormone levels can shift, increasing hunger and cravings. This can lead to elevated cortisol levels, which are associated with increased appetite and belly fat. Ensuring you eat enough can help regulate these hormones and reduce constant hunger.

4. Struggling with Sleep

Difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night, and poor sleep quality overall can be signs of inadequate calorie intake. Quality sleep is crucial for weight loss and overall health.

The Impact of Caloric Intake on Sleep

Low-calorie diets increase stress on the body, releasing hormones that disrupt sleep. Poor sleep affects cortisol levels and other hormones like ghrelin and leptin, which regulate hunger and satiety. This disruption can increase appetite, reduce feelings of fullness, and elevate stress levels, contributing to weight gain. Ensuring adequate calorie intake can improve sleep quality and help maintain a healthy metabolism.

Reverse Diet Eat More Lose Fat
Reverse Diet… you really can eat more and lose fat!

Signs That You Need to Reverse Diet

If you’re experiencing low energy levels, binge eating, constant hunger, or struggling with sleep, it may be time to consider reverse dieting. Increasing your caloric intake gradually while balancing your activity levels can help combat metabolic slowdown and get you back on track with your weight loss goals. Listen to your body and work with it, not against it, for sustainable and healthy weight loss.

Reverse Dieting
Is it time to reverse diet?

Reverse Dieting Results

Reverse Dieting Results

When I began working with this incredible 49 year old woman at the beginning of this year, she was clearly in a ‘good’ place and had been active, but was eating pretty low calories in the 1200-1400 range. In fact, a lot of women would love to be her before photo!

However, she knew that more was possible and wanted to really take her body to the next level.

She had the following goals:
Goal 1: Lean out abs, legs, arms, back fat
Goal 2: To do more than 50 push ups
Goal 3: To confidently wear a shorter skirt and shorts
Ideal time frame to achieve these goals: 5 months

I had to address her slow metabolism and low calorie intake. I began having her reverse dieted from 1,400 calories a day up to 1,970 calories a day with the newest nutrition plan I created for her. We are strength training with heavy weights 4-5 times a week (>45 mins per session) with a very modest amount of cardio.

The results speak for themselves! At the end of month 5, she has achieved every single goal!!!

She weighs the same in both the before and after photos, but look at the reverse dieting results and her transformation!

Scale – 116 in both photos!!!!
~ 2 inches off each thigh
~ 1.5 inches off her hips and waist
~ Increased pushup strength from 5 to 50!?!?!?!
~ Shave more than a minute off her mile run time

This is a perfect example of why the scale doesn’t always tell the whole story. 🏋️‍♀️💪


Reverse Dieting Results in Women
Reverse Dieting Results in Women
Female Reverse Dieting Results
Female Reverse Dieting Results
Reverse Diet Before and After
Reverse Diet Before and After
Reverse Dieting Results for Women
Reverse Dieting Results for Women

Want Some Help With Reverse Dieting?

While it sounds simple enough, the process of reverse dieting can be a tough one to navigate! I work directly with women everyday who see amazing results with my reverse dieting techniques. The average woman working with me is able to correct her metabolism and see serious results in just a few months!

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