Standing Side Crunches

Standing Side Crunch with Leg Lift – Dancers Side Bend with Knee Lift

What’s a standing crunch?

The Standing Side Crunch with Leg Lift or Dancers side bend with knee lift is a great combination exercise that works your core as well as your external obliques, outer thighs and is an exercise move you can do anywhere.

In the video below I demonstrate the dancers side bend with a knee lift also known as the standing side crunch. 

How do you do a standing oblique crunch?

This is a great exercise for oblique development to work your core and get a bit of a cardio burn that is relatively simple to execute. Balance will be key in completing each rep. Staying steady and picking a focus point in front of you will aid in staying upright 😀 
– You’re going to start arms overhead, I like to link my hands together.
– Next you’ll curtsy out to the side, lowering down into a high curtsy lunge/squat position
– Then with a dynamic movement, lift up and crunch your back knee towards your elbow.
– The key is to really work on squeezing your oblique muscles and drive your knee up.

Are standing side crunches effective?

This exercise will help you to burn more calories, build up the core strength and improve your balance. Thanks to many other muscles involved in the movement. Standing side crunches are more lower back and neck friendly than their related floor exercises. There is no need to pull the neck or lay on the back.

Dancers Side Bend with Knee Lift

Dancers Side Bend with Knee Lift – Standing Side Crunch