Stepper Cardio Workout

Julie Lohre’s Stepper Cardio Workout featured in the latest
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Stepper Cardio Workout for Women…Few pieces of cardio equipment are better suited to target the glutes than the stepper.  With this Butt Buster Cardio session and stepper cardio workout, you not only get a great cardiovascular workout and burn calories, you will tighten and define your assets in a way that guarantees no boredom!  Each movement is designed to keep your heart pumping and your backside lifting.

Step Up Your Cardio – Stepper Cardio Workout

TIME:  Minutes 1-3 PACE:  Warmup, steady pace
TIME:  Minute 4  PACE:  Increase by 2-3 levels, faster pace
TIME:  Minute 5 PACE:  Get off stepper and do 50 weighted hip raises (weight plate on hips)
TIME:  Minute 6-9 PACE:  Back on stepper, moderate pace.  Use full range of motion through each step
TIME:  Minute 10 PACE:  Increase by 2-3 levels,  faster pace
TIME:  Minute 11 PACE:  Get off stepper and do 25 glute kickbacks per leg
TIME:  Minute 12-14 PACE:  Back on stepper, at a slightly slower pace.  Focus on squeezing glutes with each step up.  Exaggerate the length of each step.  Go through a full range of motion.
TIME:  Minute 15-16 PACE:  Increase by 2-3 levels, faster pace; keep each step shallow and fast
TIME:  Minute 17 PACE:  Get of stepper; do a 1 min plank hold
TIME:  Minute 18-21 PACE:  Get back on stepper, moderate pace; keep abs tight, focus on breath
TIME:  Minute 22 PACE:  Almost home now!  SPRINT!  Go as fast as you can for 1 min using full range of motion
TIME:  Minute 23-25 PACE:  You made it!  Recover at a moderate pace!

Julie Lohre’s Stepper Cardio Workout plan is ideal for the woman that wants to burn bodyfat while shaping lean muscle in her legs and glutes for a rounder, tighter appearance.