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Ultimate Arm Workout

Ultimate Arm Workout for Women

Ready to take your arm workout to the next level and get sculpted triceps and biceps?  Below are 5 must do arm exercises that you can add into your workout routine this week.  My Ultimate Arm Workout for Women will specifically work your arms giving you a tight and defined look while adding strength.  You might be surprised at how fast this arm workout for women will change the shape and tone of this stubborn area!

I recommend a solid arm workout 2-3 times per week with 1-2 heavier weight days and 1 lighter weight day.  Be sure to work both the biceps and triceps to keep a balance in  your arms!

Single Arm Clean & Press

Not a traditional arm exercise, but a super effective one that works not just the arms, but the whole body!

Stand with your feet just wider than shoulder width apart and hold a dumbbell between your legs with one hand as you begin the single arm clean and press movement.   

Descend into a squat while keeping your chest upright.  Maintain a tight core and look forward.

Then explode upwards, smoothly cleaning the weight to your shoulder, passing through a full stand and into a squat with the weight at your shoulder.  

From there, press the weight up overhead as you come to a complete stand.  Return to the starting position by bringing the weight back down in a controlled manner.

Tricep Bench Dips

Few exercises target the triceps as effectively as the bench dip.  Begin by placing a bench behind your back.  Hold on to the bench on the edge with your hands fully extended just wider than your hips.  Legs can be forward on the ground or for more advanced dips, elevate your feet on a second bench.

Lower your body down as you inhale, bending at your elbows and bringing your hips down toward the ground.  Stop the movement when your upper arm is at a 90 degree angle from your forearm.  

Using your triceps, press back up to the top of the movement.

**Julie’s Tip:  Be sure to keep your chest up and head forward throughout this arm workout for women movement.  Never allow your elbows to go less than a 90 degree angle as you can compromise your rotator cuff.

Tricep Kickback

Begin the tricep kickback exercise by standing in a split lunge with the front knee bent and back leg straight.  Hold a single dumbbell with the right hand.  Using the left hand on your knee for support, bring the right elbow in line with the shoulder so that the elbow is at a 90 degree angle for this tricep kickback exercise movement.  Using the tricep muscle, extend the forearm and dumbbell straight back to bring the arm into one straight line parallel with the ground.  

Maintain a tight core during this tricep exercise and keep your focus forward.  This is a great tricep exercise for tightening and strengthening the back of the arms.  Women in particular can benefit from having strong triceps to balance a typically stronger bicep muscle.

Tricep Kickback with Dumbbells

Tricep Kickback with Dumbbells

Top Half Barbell Bicep Curls

Top half biceps curl are a great way to isolate the bicep muscle for maximum engagement, an important part of this arm workout for women!  

Begins standing with knees and hips slightly bent and relaxed, shoulders down, and core engaged. Start by holding a barbell straight out in front with elbows bent at a 90 degree angle.   

Engage abdominals and glutes while slowly lifting your hands, palms up, toward your shoulders.

Stop when there is about a fist’s-width distance between your hand and shoulder. Pause momentarily at the top of the movement and then return to the beginning position. 

Starting Position – Barbell Curl (Top Half Modification)
Ending Position – Barbell Curl (Top Half Modification)

45 Degree Bicep Curls

By turning the arms out slightly, you can really target the biceps in a new way with 45 degree bicep curls and unique twist on regular bicep curls.

Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart and core tight and contracted.  

Hold dumbbells in each hand keeping palms facing out frontward.  

Curl the dumbbells up slowly at a 45 degree angle in a controlled manner.  Return down to the beginning position in the same manner.

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