Beverly UMP Protein Powder

UMP Protein – The Most Versatile Protein On The Market

5 Unique Ways To Use UMP

While everyone enjoys a regular protein shake, UMP protein offers some unique options to aid in your health and fitness journey. Try one of these unique uses and let me know what you think.

1.Use UMP as a meal replacement. Sure, I know you’re saying, I’ve done that, what’s so unique about it. Well, I’ll have you consider it as a situation saver. You’ve got places to be, people to pick up, appointments to keep…and you’re hungry…and there’s Chick-Fil-A, I can just get a healthy sandwich and stay on task. It’ll be quick, until 30 seconds into the drive through window and you’re no longer just thinking a healthy grilled chicken option and a diet drink, but now you’re adding on a set of carnival-like waffle fries and three packets of Chick-Fil-A sauce to go along with them. Suddenly what seemed like a healthy option has now turned your meal into a fat and sodium laden drag me down. Instead, keep a double scoop of UMP in a shaker bottle with you on the go. You’re only one water bottle or fountain away from a healthy detour around the fast food line. Not to mention, UMP is on par or beats the local UDF shakes hands down and is guilt free.

2. Use UMP as a protein additive. My go to options in the morning often include greek yogurt or oatmeal with my cooked egg whites. When I have one of these for breakfast I always add a protein bump. Take 1/4 to 1/2 of a scoop of UMP and add it to the yogurt or oatmeal. Protein packing regularly healthy foods is a great way to up your protein intake just ever so slightly. Add to that, the oatmeal becomes super tasty. I like Graham Cracker or Chocolate.

UMP Protein in Oatmeal

3. Post workout repair. If you’re anything like me, you rarely eat much after a hard workout. That said, it’s the PERFECT time to add protein for proper muscle protein synthesis and long lasting reduction in muscle break down. Adding UMP right after a workout feeds your muscles with amino acids, the building blocks of muscle repair, they’re craving at the optimal time. Keep a two scoop portion in your gym bag for a quick after workout boost. Not up for a full shake, add just one scoop to 8 oz of water and sip it intermittently with your post workout hydration of choice. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Post Workout Protein

4.Cook with it! Yes, many of you have heard me preach about my protein pancakes…and they ARE yummy (recipe on my website) but there are other things you can make by cooking with UMP. Some don’t even require you actually “cook” it, like my Chocolate Chip Protein Balls or my Chunky Monkey Protein Pudding. Seriously, even if you’re not a culinary expert, you CAN make some seriously good sweet treats with UMP. It’s the ONLY protein I’ve found that works this way. Check out my recipe section on my site and let me know if you’ve tried one and how you like it.

Cook with UMP Protein Powder
The only protein powder you can cook with – UMP Protein Powder

5.Sneaky UMP use. Add it to your kid’s cereal, cookies, brownies, muffins, pancakes…etc, etc. Seriously, if we know one thing, it’s that our kids nutrition could use some help. So why not give them a dose of what’s deemed the healthiest nutrient profile of all protein powders. And they don’t even have to know, or maybe they should, so they can start building healthy eating habits knowing there are options that aren’t as bland and gross as they think. In fact, UMP can be quite habit-forming. I have many clients who have turned their kids on to UMP, many in middle school or high school even! Number one flavor with those under 18, you guessed it, Cookies N Creme. It has a thick and creamy texture that can be made into a healthy milk shake that blows a UDF shake out of the water. Some have even gone so far as to freeze that shake and have “ice cream”! I haven’t given that a shot yet, but will give it a go this week. What a great idea!

Beverly UMP Protein Powder