Staying Motivated Through Winter

Staying Motivated Through Winter

Don’t allow hibernation mode to set in this winter.  Staying on track with your fitness goals despite the cold weather does not have to be difficult.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to stay motivated as the daylight hours dimension and the cold weather ensues.

1.  Take machines for a spin.  I love dumbbells as much as the next girl, but surprise your muscles this winter by adding in a few weight machines.  Muscle-building weight machines are great for keeping your form solid and really allow you to focus specifically on the muscle you want to work.

2.  Tech out.  Consider getting a Fit Bit or other wearable workout tracker to keep you accountable.  It really can make a difference!
Setting specific step or mile goals and knowing exactly how much you have moved in a day can be powerful.
You would be surprised how many jumping jacks you can do at the end of the night when you are still a few hundred steps short of your daily goal!

3.  Shake it.  Ready to try something new?  Check out your gyms schedule and see if there is a new class that piques your interest.  Trying something totally new not only challenges your muscles in a new way, it stimulates your mind and keeps your workout routine fresh.  Even something as simple as hitting a new piece of cardio equipment can jump start your routine.

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4.  Start something new.  Winter is the perfect time to start a new workout routine and to set some serious fitness goals.  Spring will be here before you know it and making the time now to make fitness a priority will not only improve your mood this winter, it will set you on the right path for the whole year. Need a specific plan to line out exactly what you need to do?  Check out my FITBODY Plans For Women.  It is all about balance and making healthy eating and training a lifestyle!  You really can do it!

5.  Reward yourself.  Don’t forget to reward yourself for all of the hard work you are doing!  When you set a goal and crush it, you earn an excuse to treat yourself.  Get a massage, take a long bubble bath, get that cute workout outfit you have been eyeing…  just avoid food related rewards.  You accomplished what you set out to do, that is definitely a reason to celebrate!