Figure & Bikini
Competition Prep Training

  • Training Like a Pro While You Work Directly WITH a Pro!
  • Designed Specifically FOR YOU, Not a Cookie Cutter Plan
  • Your NATURAL Path to your Figure Competition or Bikini Competition Getting on Stage at Your Best!
  • Motivation & Support directly from IFBB Pro Julie Lohre, NEVER an assistant.
  • Get the Body of your Dreams & Achieve Your Goals

From New Competitors to Current Pros


Have you always dreamed of stepping on stage in a Figure Competition or Bikini Competition but don’t know what to do or where to start with your prep?
Have you followed an INSANELY RESTRICTIVE contest prep program in the past that allowed for no variety, no flexibility, no sodium and well… no fun? Have you skipped family outings, passed on hanging out with friends and said “NO” so often to the food your body was craving that it drove you (and those around you) crazy? Have you eaten meal after meal of carefully weighed out, completely bland tilapia and asparagus?
I am here to tell you… IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!
Are you an experienced figure competitor ready to take your competitive physique to the next level by prepping in a NATURAL, HEALTHY way… without POST SHOW REBOUND?
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Contest Prep Training for all Organizations


Julie Lohre’s Figure & Bikini Competition Prep includes:
  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals and begin setting your figure competition or bikini competition goals. We will discuss your strengths and weaknesses to determine what is possible for you.
  • Complete contest prep nutrition & supplement plans which can really make the difference for a figure and bikini competitors. Competition diet truly is 80% of your results. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste with a figure competition or bikini competition nutrition plan that is not right for you!
  • Workouts designed to take your competition training to the next level. I give you exactly what to do exercise-by-exercise, rep-by-rep. These workouts will be changed as you progress toward your goals and as your body changes. We will bust through plateaus and take you to the best shape of your life!
  • Cardiovascular program to complement your contest prep training.
  • Regular progress tracking with photos and measurements so we can be sure you are on the right path.
  • Posing photo or video analysis and practice throughout our competition training program.
  • Recommendations about suits, shoes, stage make-up and contest tanning.
  • Consultation about which bikini or figure competition(s) would be best for you.
  • FULL FINAL WEEK competition details and a final week consultation to be sure that you are prepared for this pivotal week of your figure or bikini competition prep. I will take you through carb, sodium and water manipulation to bring your physique.
  • All contest prep program details will be structured around your contest time line.
  • Consistent motivation and support from someone that knows what it is like to compete.

Fit Body Online Contest Prep Training for
Bikini Competition & Figure Competitions

Initial 8 Week Session $795
Additional consecutive 8 week sessions $395

Bikini Competition Trainingbikini competition prepFigure Competition PrepBikini Competition Prep
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Figure and Bikini Competition Prep


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Fit Body Online Contest Prep Training for
Bikini Competition & Figure Competitions

**Contact me before purchasing my Online Contest Prep Training for Bikini Competitors & Figure Competitors so we can discuss your specific goals & objectives to determine if this plan is right for you.

“My passion is working with women ACROSS THE COUNTRY and AROUND THE WORLD helping them reach their personal best! As a competitor myself, I know how difficult it can be to balance everything. I have been in your shoes and know the struggles you go through in your quest to your bikini competition or figure competition.

With my Online Contest Prep Training for Bikini & Figure, I will customize a plan that works specifically for your body AND with your life. I will take away all the guess work so that you can concentrate on what you need to do. As a LIFETIME NATURAL athlete, nothing is more important to me than the health and wellbeing of the women I train. I am proof that with a whole lot of hard work and dedication, you really can reach the top of this sport naturally.

I have worked with hundred’s of Bikini competitors and Figure competitors and know specifically what it takes to succeed on stage. Whether you are a seasoned national competitor or a woman that wants to begin working toward her first bikini competition or figure competition, let me show you the way!”

Bikini Competition Coach Julie Lohre
Julie Lohre is an accomplished IFBB Fitness & Figure Competition Professional with over 15 years experience in the Fitness industry. She has competed 25 times in both Figure and Fitness including at the most elite levels of the sport – the Fitness Olympia & the Arnold Classic. As one of the world’s most successful Competitors, she has been featured in numerous fitness magazines worldwide including FLEX magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Ironman, Body Fitness, Body Muscle Journal, Fitness RX for Women & Oxygen Magazine. She is a leading expert in women’s health and fitness and regularly acts as a correspondent and writer.

Julie is known not only for her personal success as a Fitness Model and Fitness & Figure competitor but also for her ability to help other women. She is a leading expert in contest preparation, competition dieting, supplementation, bikini final week plans and Figure competition - Bikini competition posing and presentation.

Hyla Conrad
WBFF Diva Fitness Pro

figure competition prep

The absolute BEST part about working with Julie is her knowledge and how she combines being an athlete and being a REAL PERSON! Sure the foods I eat are healthy, but she makes the training and foods work synergistically. It’s amazing how her training and nutrition plans turn your body into this well-oiled fitness machine! If you put in the work, she will deliver results.

Dawn Reichley
IFBB Figure Pro

figure competition prep

Training with Julie has been an amazing experience and all I can say is I wish I had started with her sooner.  She is such a genuine person, she leads by example and she knows her stuff!!  Julie is so encouraging and supportive! She is so attentive to individual goals and needs.  She really understands the female body and tailors programs that fit the lives of busy mothers and career women.

Elspeth Polt
Fitness Model, Reebok Ambassador & National Bikini Competitor

bikini competition prep

Everything about working with Julie as my bikini competition coach has exceeded my expectations!!! She listens to your goals, tailors your workout and nutrition plans to YOU, and most importantly designs your plan so that you reach your goals in a healthy and positive way.  If you are reading this and are questioning whether or not you want to compete or train- do it! Do it for YOU!  It will forever change your life for the better.  Competing may not be for everyone, but living healthy is and Julie will get you there.

Kathryn Fauver
IFPA Bikini Pro & Fitness Model

bikini competition prep

Julie is wonderful. She is always so encouraging and motivating. Working with Julie as my bikini competition coach has made my experience for preparing for my first competition so fun. I am very thankful that I’ve gotten to work with her!  Also, being a part of the Fit Body Community has provided me with so much support from other women with similar goals to my own. I could not have become an IFPA Bikini Competition Pro or made the cover of several magazines as a fitness model without her!

Jonelle Baglia
WNBF Figure Pro & Fitness Model

bikini competition prep

Jonelle Baglia for Oxygen Magazine  “My role model is women’s fitness pro, Julie Lohre. I have worked with Julie as my figure competition coach preparing for my all of my figure competitions and she is such an inspiration to me! She is very passionate and compassionate about health and fitness and she applies her beliefs in her own life but also encourages so many women to instill healthy standards into their lives as well.”

Dana Taggart
Fitness America Champion

Fitness Model Competition Prep

I love working with Julie Lohre as my online personal trainer because she knows her stuff!  She is an expert in the field and has done it all herself.  It gives me comfort to know that she is there every step of the way for as much or as little as I need. I would not trust anyone else with my figure competition contest prep. Being the featured cover model and having my story told in several fitness magazines has certainly been the icing on the cake!

Julie Parent
Ms. Natural Kentucky Bikini

bikini competition prep

Julie Lohre is always so encouraging.  There have been many times where she pointed out things that I couldn’t see in myself. Her support throughout my bikini contest prep has been so genuine, and always with my best interest in mind.  There are many unhealthy approaches to bikini competition, but she makes sure that everything you do is healthy and safe.

Deena Gindling
Bikini Competitor & Fitness Model

bikini competition prep

I love that Julie personalizes my exercise & nutrition plans so specifically just for me! I feel like she knows my body better than I do! She always asks me if I have enough to eat, if I have enough energy, etc… Her reassurance & encouragement that I was on the right track would boost me up every time I started to worry that I wouldn’t be stage-ready in time.

Mila Merrell
NPC National Competitor & Fitness America Champ

Masters Bikini Competition Prep

She is a fantastic bikini competition coach and I am so glad that she was here for me each step of my bikini competition prep! You feel and know that she is always looking out for you, I can ask her any question and she is quick to respond with an answer! Julie helped me become an NPC National Bikini Competitor as a grandmother over 50!

Alexis Fourman
WNBF Ms. Fit body Pro & Savage Race Champion

Fit Body bikini competition prep

Julie Lohre is so easy to talk to when it comes to questions, advice, and workout or meal alternatives. Since I train out of my home, not a gym, there are some exercises I cannot do due to lack of equipment. So she easily came up with alternatives that still kept me in top shape. The same went for my meal plan. I have stomach issues that keep me from eating foods like red meat, anything with oats, and milk or anything with milk. With Julie Lohre’s help and my nutrition background we worked well together to find alternatives that would help me get the amount of healthy protein and carbs needed throughout the day.