Protein Powder Recipes

Ready for some of the best protein powder recipes on the web?  Don't get me wrong, I love a great protein shake, but sometimes I really want to eat my food!  Over the last few years, I have been hard at work not just in the gym, but also in my kitchen.  You see, I have a secret.  I love food.  And I really, really hate being hungry and feeling deprived.  So, I came up with a challenge for myself.  Take those insanely high cal, sugar loaded sweet treats and transform them into truly healthy recipes that balance perfectly with the clean eating, balanced lifestyle I am trying to achieve.   

Eating enough protein is essential for a healthy metabolism and helping muscles recover from intense workouts. And while protein shakes are a quick and effective way to incorporate protein powder into your daily nutrition regimen, sometimes you long for something more.

Here are some unique and inventive ways to have both sweet and decadent treats that satisfy your bodies need for the building blocks of a fit body! You can have your cake and eat protein, too!