Home Protein Bar Setup

Home Protein Bar Setup

Home Protein Bat Setup

Home Protein Bar Setup
How One Client Created Her Own Home Protein Bar
To Create Healthy Meals & Drinks

UMP Protein Bar Setup

"We are a Beverly Family and we have never found better quality or taste from any other protein!

The idea for this UMP Protein Beverly Protein bar originated because we used all the different flavors so much it was a pain to get the containers in and out of our cabinets.

We have protein oats every morning and do a lot of protein coffee where we use graham cracker or vanilla protein instead of creamer.

I love how versatile UMP is! My favorite favorite breakfast recipe is Butter Pecan UMP Oats while my daughter loves German Chocolate Cake UMP Oats!”

Sam Adams, 43
Madison, Indiana

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Butter Pecan UMP Oats

- 1/2 c dry oats prepared with water
- 3/4 to full scoop of Graham Cracker UMP
- Dash of salt
- 10 Pecans

Recipe Directions:

Mix oats, UMP, and salt together to desired thickness.  Top with pecans

    High Protein Pumpkin Bars Recipe
    High Protein Pumpkin Bars Recipe

    German Chocolate Cake UMP Oats

    - 1/2c dry oats prepared with unsweetened coconut milk
    - 3/4 to full scoop of Chocolate UMP
    - 2 TBSP unsweetened shredded coconut
    - 1 TBSP Crushed nuts

    Recipe Directions:

    Mix together Coconut Milk Oats with UMP to desired thickness.  Top with shredded coconut and nuts.  Enjoy!

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      High Protein Pumpkin Bars RecipeHigh Protein Pumpkin Bars Recipe