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Want to compete in Women's Figure, Bikini, or Fitness but have no idea where to start? Already a seasoned competitor looking for more info? Look no further, I've written many articles to help you get the info you are looking for! As a former NPC Figure and Fitness Competitor that turned pro and became one of the highest ranked IFBB Pros in the industry, I have personally competed in 25 competitions including the IFBB Olympia and the Arnold Sports Festival.  I have been in your heels before and know the struggles you face to achieve a competition ready physique!  Not just from my own experience though.  I have been coaching Women's Figure and Bikini competitors successfully for the last 15 years.  Working directly with them in my Fit Body Contest Prep Training, never through an assistant.  We have been through all of the questions and concerns that can haunt even the most prepared athlete.

For bikini in particular, it can be a challenging, even changing target.  I have worked with 1,000’s of competitors since the Bikini competition category was first established and I can help you avoid common Bikini competition mistakes.  These shows can be amazing experiences, but you have to know the ins and outs.  I am excited to show you the HEALTHY & NATURAL way to prepare for competition.  Never put your health at risk to step on stage and don't put your faith in a trainer that would ask you to do that!  There are far too many 'experts' out there who are not looking out for you but willing to find unhealthy short cuts that will ruin your metabolism in the long run.  In this section, you will find articles about everything competition related.  From the difference between competitive divisions, where to get bikini competition suits, figure competition suits, posing for bikini and figure, the best bikini competition diet to a true how to for amateur bikini competitors.  All the details to get you started on the right foot.

Feeling overwhelmed by the info out there and looking for a female trainer that will walk side by side with you and take out all the guess work?  Check out my figure competition and bikini competition training program.

Work online with Julie Lohre and can experience the same success that helped so many other Fit Body Success Stories reach their competitive dreams.

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