"Before you even consider beginning your bikini competition prep or stepping on stage for a figure competition, there are secrets the you must know to succeed!  Don't go forward without these!!!"

IFBB Pro & Olympia Athlete
Julie Lohre

Figure and Bikini Competition Secrets you Must Know

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Is Bikini Right For Me?

Find out which competitive division is right for you and whether or not you should compete in bikini.

Is Breast Size Important?

It seems like the winners of most bikini shows have large breasts or fake boobs.  Can I win without them?

How Can I Afford This?

How much will it cost me to compete in a bikini or figure competition and how can I make money through competing?

Julie Lohre

IFBB Pro & Women's Fitness Expert

Figure Competitor

Jonelle Baglia
WNBF Figure Pro

Bikini Competition

For Oxygen Magazine:
 “My role model is women’s fitness pro, Julie Lohre. I have worked with Julie as my figure competition coach preparing for my all of my figure competitions and she is such an inspiration to me! She is very passionate and compassionate about health and fitness and she applies her beliefs in her own life but also encourages so many women to instill healthy standards into their lives as well.”


Elspeth Polt
NPC National Bikini

NPC National Bikini Competitor

"Everything about working with Julie as my bikini competition coach has exceeded my expectations!!! She listens to your goals, tailors your workout and nutrition plans to YOU, and most importantly designs your plan so that you reach your goals in a healthy and positive way.  If you are reading this and are questioning whether or not you want to compete or train- do it! Do it for YOU!  It will forever change your life for the better.  Competing may not be for everyone, but living healthy is and Julie will get you there."


Kathryn Fauver
IFPA Bikini Pro

bikini competition
"Julie is wonderful. She is always so encouraging and motivating. Working with Julie as my bikini competition coach has made my experience for preparing for my first competition so fun. I am very thankful that I’ve gotten to work with her! Also, being a part of the Fit Body Community has provided me with so much support from other women with similar goals to my own. I could not have become an IFPA Bikini Competition Pro or made the cover of several magazines as a fitness model without her!"


This Free Ebook Will Show You...

  • What it takes to be successful in a Bikini Competition...
  • How to save money preparing for your competition...
  • If you really need large breasts or fake boobs to win...
  • What it is really like to have a figure or bikini competition tan...
  • How you can make money competing in figure or bikini...
Oxygen Cover Model Julie Lohre

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Oxygen Cover Model Julie Lohre
bikini competition before and after


"During my 12 weeks of bikini contest prep, I lost 11% bodyfat and got into the best shape of my life! The change was incredible and I felt amazing!

The best part though was that I was able to lose bodyfat and get competition ready without compromising my health. Even as a first time competitor, Julie helped me step on stage feeling confident and ready!" 

Bikini Competitor KELLY JO KINCAID

"Keeping my nutrition on point was really a struggle, since I work at a sports bar where I’m surrounded by my two favorite foods: pizza and wings! However, after starting a new healthy diet, I found that when I eat foods that aren’t good for me, I just don’t feel as good. I do treat myself a couple times a week, but still stay on track for the rest of my meals.
Fitness has become my outlet. When life gets to be a little hard to handle, the gym is where I can always find relief. Being fit/healthy is something that nobody can control but me!"

bikini competition before and after
bikini competition before and after

Fitness Competitor STACEY BEERS

From 180 to WOW!  It was a change in her mindset and laser focus on her goals that helped Stacey Beers go from 180 lbs to fit, healthy and competition lean in just over a year!

Julie Lohre knows her stuff!  She has helped me to step up my game with my food and workouts for my upcoming competitions. She has taught me how to come in at my best each and ever show!

Oxygen Cover Model Julie Lohre

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