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Online Personal Training for women

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Online Personal Trainer for Women

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Online Personal Trainer for Women

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Best Online Personal Trainer for Women | Best Female Online Nutrition and Fitness Coach for 2024!

Julie Lohre helps women achieve the FITBODY of their dreams!

Since 2005, Online Personal Trainer for Women pioneer and creator of FITBODY Training & FITBODY 360 Lifestyle Coaching, Julie Lohre, has been THE online fitness trainer and coach that women trust.


Whether you want to lose weight, gain lean, sexy muscle, balance exercise and nutrition with your life, or even compete in a figure or bikini competition, Julie will help you achieve your goals completely online with a healthy balance to support your metabolism and make changes for good! As a Figure and Bikini Competition Coach, Julie Lohre is there for women worldwide and can help you achieve the fitness model look whether you want to step on stage or not! Natural, healthy strength training and nutrition plans to increase women's metabolism, helping them lose weight and get the fitbody of their dreams! Julie Lohre helps women achieve the body of their dreams with a focus on their long-term health!

Whether you need the support and accountability of the best online personal trainer for women or are looking for no-nonsense, completely custom workout and nutrition plans that will remove all of the guesswork, Julie Lohre has you covered! As one of the first women in the world to offer online personal training, Julie has been working specifically and exclusively with women for more than 15 years. In her virtual fitness training program, you will work DIRECTLY with Julie, never an assistant, and she will customize your training and nutrition programs specifically to your goals, needs, and body!

With Julie Lohre as your online personal trainer for women, you will move away from “lose weight quick schemes” and into no-nonsense, natural plans. Even beginners can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt and generate exciting momentum as she moves closer to building a life and fitbody she loves!

Online Personal Training Success Stories
Online Personal Trainer for Women Julie Lohre


Have you been looking for direction and help moving forward with your goals and needs, but are worried just how “personal” online fitness training can be?

Whether you want to get lean and ripped, tight and defined, or just that stubborn belly & thigh fat, Julie will show you exactly what to do to get the body you want.

Best Online Personal Trainer

Melissa Colston....
In less than 6 months, 38 year-old United States Air Force Veteran and mom of 2, Melissa Colston, made an incredible before and after with a weight loss of 14 lbs of body fat as she gained muscle taking 4 inches off her hips, 2.5 inches off her waist, and more than 3 inches off each thigh!

"When I first considered online fitness coaching I was skeptical that she would just put generalized programs together and not have invested time into me. After speaking to her over the phone she made me feel comfortable with her knowledge and level of expertise in this arena that I gave it a go. She made personalized programs for me and continuously checked in on me.  It made all the difference to help me achieve my goals!"

Best Online Personal Trainer

Dana Taggart, police officer and mother or 2, gained muscle and get tighter and more defined as online training helped her stay on track with custom workout and training plans... just for her!

"I discovered Julie Lohre’s nutrition and training programs through the No Nonsense Magazine and Oxygen Magazine. I had really wanted to make a change from skinny fat to fit and knew that I had taken my physique as far as I could on my own. I needed professional guidance. I contacted Julie in August of last year and she got me started right away with her online personal training program. Julie Lohre helped me to work my meals around my crazy schedule and plan ahead for when I will be stuck at a ballgame, or in my cruiser on a call. In just a few months′ time, I’ve gained strength and confidence. I have now competed in multiple figure competitions, taking first place in both Fitness America shows and NPC (National Physique Committee) show. I am hooked on competing and enjoying the experience along the way, and now training for my next stage appearance as I write this."

Best Online Personal Trainer

At 46, Christine Reeb made an incredible change with Julie Lohre as her Online Personal Trainer for women with a weight loss of more than 40 pounds and cutting her bodyfat in half!

"My progress since I started has been tremendous and life changing!  I have dropped more than 40 lbs and cut my body fat in half!  I am essentially half the person I was when I started.  My body does not look thin.  It looks totally fit since I have been building muscle while losing fat!  And that was the look I wanted. I’m in better shape than many of the 20 and 30 somethings at the gym.  And that is a direct result of the changing workouts that Julie provides.  They are so well rounded! She really is the best online personal trainer!"

Best Online Personal Trainer

Michelle D'Amico overcame surgeries and TOS limitations and took control of her fitness losing almost 60 pounds and inspiring both her twin sister and her brother to each do the same!

"I feel great now and my outlook about my body and diet is a positive one for the first time in a long time.  My biggest concern with virtual fitness and nutrition coaching was how would this work with my current fitness level?  With a trainer being virtual for my coaching program I wondered how she would push me to get up and go to the gym.

I can be lazy at times and I know I need to be held accountable in order for me to see results. After a long conversation with my friend Sarah who had worked with Julie before, she reassured me that there is accountability and support and that alone will get you up and out to the gym. She was very right with that. There is something to be said having to check in with a woman in particular that was compassionate, but highly experienced and professional every 2 weeks. It is one thing to not let yourself down but it is another not wanting someone you are working with to be let down.  That made a big difference as I worked toward my 50 pound weight loss transformation.  And it was so good to have the help and support of Julie to help me stay on track with amazing workout programs and diet plans that really worked!

"Julie Lohre is the most positive, knowledgeable and caring nutrition and exercise coach I have ever met and she really knows her stuff! She listens to you and wants you to achieve your fitness goals as much (if not more) than you do. All her diet and nutrition plans along with the custom exercise programs she creates are specifically tailored to your body and your fitness goals. Julie Lohre is the absolute best! Train with her; you won’t regret it!"
- Felicia Ferguson

"Everyday I thank God that I had the courage…. and continue to have the determination to change my life. Choosing Julie Lohre... well, she really is the best Online Personal Trainer for women and she made this possible for me and easy! Trouble free fit body training and long lasting progress! With Julie's help, I went from a size 14 to a size 6 and lost 35 lbs over the course of a year all while working out at home!"
- Mindy Ryan

"There is something about working with someone that is destined to do what they are doing. That is Julie Lohre.  She not only has the experience and knowledge – she leads by example and ALWAYS makes her clients long term health and well being her first priority."
- Helene Springer

Best Online Personal Trainer for Women | Online Fitness Coach | Online Figure Coach | Workout Plans for Women

"At first I was skeptic of online personal training. I wasn’t sure if I’d have the motivation required to really push myself, on my own in the gym for strength training without the usual personal trainers. With Julie Lohre, she provides the motivation, support, and inspiration you need to reach your fitness goals. The workout programs and meal plans are flexible and work with my life.  I am never hungry because there are always options!  It’s easy to stick to Julie Lohre's plans and follow them... because she made them specifically for me! Working with Julie as my coach is the best decision I’ve made for my health!"  
- Jackie Calvert

If you are on the fence about working with Julie Lohre ….DO IT!  She really is the best online personal trainer for women.  I have been working with her for a long time and she is amazing. The results I have achieved are incredible but most importantly I did not feel alone in my weight loss journey. Julie wants you to be the best you that you can be and she shows you how to make it happen. It is not a fast process, but you will change your life and body in a healthy way…it is so worth it!"

- Amanda Wilson

"I've never been able to see my body in a positive light and Julie Lohre helped me change that forever. I am now fit and healthy both inside and out. Julie's guidance and support through the process helped me stay on track on even the roughest of weeks. It's not always easy, but it will get you results and you will feel amazing."
- Andrea Simonson

The Latest in Fitness & Nutrition for Real Women!

“You want a body that’s strong, sexy and healthy whether you chose to compete or simply want to look your best! I want to share my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle to help you be the best ‘YOU’ possible."

Women's Fitness Expert & Fitness Writer
Julie Lohre


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FITBODY Online Fitness Coach Body Transformations

Online Personal Training Success Story

Online Personal Training for Women Over 50

For Renee Cipriani, her40 lbs weight loss with 7 inches off her waist was just the icing on her body transformation cake. This 53 year-old fit grandmother is stronger, faster & healthier! See how she made this incredible body transformation!

Online Fitness Coach Transformation

Online Nutrition and Fitness Coaching for Women Over 40

At 46, Christine Reeb made an incredible 6 month body transformation with online fitness coach Julie Lohre and decided that she did not need to compete in a  fitness competition to achieve her dream body!

Online Fitness Coach - Before and After

In 8 weeks, Kelly Kincaid has lost 7 lbs on the scale while gaining muscle and decreasing her waist measurement by 1.5 inches! Most impressive are her Fit Test results. With 2 months of training with Julie Lohre as her Online Fitness Coach, Kelly has doubled her strict pushups, decreased her mile run time by more than 3 minutes and improved her flexibility by 3 inches. All of this while following a reasonable nutrition plan between 1700-1900 calories per day while weight training 4-5 times per week with 3-4 short cardio sessions per week.

Is it better to have a female personal trainer?

Whether it is better for women, including those over 40, to have a female personal trainer depends on individual preferences and comfort levels. Some women may feel more comfortable and understood with a female trainer, especially when discussing issues related to female physiology, menopause, or body image concerns. Female trainers might also provide relatable experiences and perspectives, particularly regarding the physical changes women face as they age. However, the effectiveness of a personal trainer is more about their qualifications, experience, and ability to tailor programs to individual needs rather than their gender. Ultimately, the best choice is a trainer with whom one feels comfortable, supported, and motivated.  Most of the women that I work with appreciate that I am a female personal trainer that specifically focuses on the needs and struggles of women.  
Online Personal Trainer Results 2024

Are online personal trainers worth it?

Yes, online personal trainers, especially online nutrition and fitness coaches can be highly beneficial for women, including those over 40. These trainers offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to work out on your schedule, which is particularly useful for women balancing work, family, and personal commitments.

Online trainers can provide a tailored coaching program that cater to the unique needs of women, addressing concerns like bone health, muscle strength, and hormonal changes. Additionally, the virtual format can offer a broader range of specialists, ensuring you find a trainer with experience in women's health and fitness. The ability to communicate and receive support digitally also adds an element of accountability and motivation, which can be crucial in maintaining a consistent fitness routine.  If you are considering online personal training, reach out to Julie Lohre today!

Online Personal Trainer for Women

What is a good website for online personal training?

For women, particularly those over 40 seeking online personal training, stands out as an excellent resource. This website specializes in fitness and nutrition programs tailored to women's unique health needs, taking into account factors like hormonal changes, metabolism, and muscle maintenance that become increasingly important with age.

Julie Lohre focuses on empowering women through personalized workout plans, nutritional guidance, and motivational support, making it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their fitness in a supportive, female-centric environment. The site's approach to holistic well-being and its understanding of the specific challenges and goals women face at different stages of life, especially post-40, makes it a valuable tool for those seeking to enhance their health and fitness journey.

Online Personal Training for women over 50

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