Burpee Over Barbell

Burpee Over Barbell

Julie Lohre demonstrates the Burpees Over Barbell

What are lateral barbell burpees?

Bar-Over Burpee: Also known as the Lateral Burpee. This exercise differs from Bar Facing Burpee because when you drop to the floor for the burpee, you are parallel to your bar. Once you stand up you do a sidewards lateral hop over the bar. This is done with a two footed take off and landing side to side. Stepping over or skip steps are not allowed in the traditional Crossfit version of this exercise. This movement is a faster move than the bar facing burpee option, because you don’t have to stand up completely to jump over the bar. In this move, when you pop up off the floor your feet should be close enough to the bar that you can immediately hop over it.

How to do a bar over Burpee?

The athlete must be parallel to the barbell at the bottom position, with the athlete’s chest and hips touching the ground. The athlete must come to her feet and must jump over the barbell with two feet to the other side where the athlete will start the next rep. You must jump over the barbell from both feet and land on both feet. One-footed jumping or stepping over is not permitted. Do not need to fully extend hips during jump.

The burpee over barbell is an exercise that takes the burpee, a popular functional fitness move, and separates each rep with a lateral jump across the barbell. It works the cardiovascular system, but also the chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs.

This exercise is a favorite of many athletes, including obstacle race participants.

Burpee Over Barbell Benefits

– Improves conditioning and athleticism
– Serious cardiovascular challenge and calorie burn
– Improves lateral agility.

Common errors when doing burpee over bar:

Doing the burpee too far away from the bar so when you stand you have to reposition your feet before you jump over it.
Not extending your leap beyond the height of the bar. Thump! Make sure to leap high enough to clear the bar. Use a smaller plate to drop the height of the bar if you find it to challenging to clear the height of a full olympic size plate.

Burpee Over Barbell

Julie Lohre demonstrates the exercise – Burpee Over Barbell