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Julie Lohre Weight Loss Coach

Julie Lohre Online Trainer for Women

I am so blessed to get to work with amazing women across the country and around the world that want to feel great inside and out. It can be difficult to find a balance with your training and nutrition when you are a busy woman on the go. Often you feel pulled in many different directions and taking care of ‘you’ falls low on your priority list.

As your female online personal trainer or weight loss coach, I will be here for you every step of the way. Taking out the guess work and creating plans specifically for your body and your fitness goals. Providing the motivation and support you need to make those goals a reality. With a combination of customized weight training, endurance training, cardiovascular exercises and nutrition plans that I create specifically for you, we are able to take the time you have available and make fitness work FOR your life, not against it.

Getting into amazing shape is about more though than just how you look. Whether you have 100 lbs to lose or you are a fitness professional yourself that needs the support and motivation you give everyday to your own clients, I will be here for you.

In just 2 training sessions (16 weeks) the average woman working with me as her online personal trainer DOUBLES the # of strict pushups she can do, shaves more than 2 mins and 30 seconds off her mile run time and increase her sit and reach flexibility by more than 3 inches.  Whether you prefer to workout in a gym or at home, as your female online personal trainer, I will create programs that give you a straight forward check list of exactly what you need to do. Let me put my decade of fitness and nutrition experience to work of your and become your online personal trainer or weight loss coach!

I am here for you! We can do this together, naturally. It won’t be easy, but I promise, it will be worth it!

Julie Lohre 🙂

Are you ready to take your fitness to a whole new level and committed to making your own online training transformation?

In 2 training sessions, the average woman taking part in Julie Lohre’s Online Personal Training program DOUBLES the # of strict pushups she can do, decreases 1 mile run times by 2 mins, 30 seconds and increases their sit and reach flexibility by 3 inches. Results speak for themselves… Talk about stronger, faster & more flexible!