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Often, I highlight stories about women during their training programs with me. However, my goal for every women I work with is that eventually, they will take what they have learned in our time together and forge out on their own as a lifelong FITBODY success story.  

Elizabeth Weizman trained with me in my Online Personal Training program for just under a year and had remarkable success.  What is more impressive though is what has happened with Elizabeth since she took the FITBODY Lifestyle out on her own.

I am so very proud of all she has accomplished and to see her in the happy, “I LOVE MY BODY” place this lifestyle has led her to!  

Check out her update story.  Julie

FITBODY Magazine Issue IX – Long Term Fitness Success
Elizabeth Weizman

Elizabeth Weizman

  • 166 pounds to 145 pounds
  • 29% body fat to 18% body fat

These are numbers I am really proud of, but, thanks to Julie’s help, I am proud of so much more. I have always worked out pretty hard, love the gym, and consistently had the discipline to exercise most of my life. The change? Now I do not chase my bad eating with a hard workout- and my body knows it. Through Julie’s guidance, I have learned that I cannot eat whatever I want, when I want, just because I never miss a workout. It really does not work! Why wasn’t I losing weight? Why couldn’t I get rid of some of this body fat? Eating and exercise MUST be done together.

My goals are not to be in a contest, but, like I told Julie, I would kind of like to look like I could! I am in constant competition with myself to see how much better I can be. I finally made it below 20% body fat, so can I make it to 18, then 15? Not too bad for a 45-year-old mom of three. That is my motivation.

While I don’t work with Julie on a consistent basis, I try to see her every four months or so to check in, get weighed, and have a body fat done. Because of my previous sessions with her to help me lose all that fat and gain muscle, her workouts and meal plans are priceless to me! I use them over and over again so I’m always mixing it up. And no matter what anyone says or what new “study” comes out, it is a slow and steady pace to keep the weight off. I have been working on this for almost three years.

I finally made it below 20% body fat, so can I make it to 18, then 15? Not too bad for a 45-year-old mom of three.
That is my motivation.

Women ask me frequently what they can do to get nice arms or shoulders or lose weight. This is such a compound question with so many answers for each individual but it goes back to basics…good, clean eating, lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains.

A clean meal plan with the right amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fat for your body. This is different for everyone; NONE of this I knew before I met Julie. She knows what I need based on my food diary, photos, and email conversations. She’s also taught me that I can do this on my own and I’ve been able to maintain this for several years and know this is my lifestyle.

I always have my cooler of food with me, eat every 2-3 hours, prep veggies and cook meat once a week, and change my work out every four weeks. I keep a food diary with an app most days to know what’s going in my body and use it to track all those percentages. I still have a cheat meal now and then too and especially love Julie’s protein brownie and cookie dough recipes. This is totally doable for anyone!

Even though I get frustrated and plateau, I am now doing this at 145 instead of 155 pounds. This is a major hurdle! Julie reminds me of these little victories. Even more importantly, I feel amazing: energetic, healthy, fit, and so happy.

My greatest fitness accomplishment was definitely competing in my first figure competition.

One last thing: I was recently at a car dealership and had to wait a while. The salesman said to me, “Have a seat in our waiting area. There’s donuts there too, but you don’t look like you eat too many donuts.” I replied very proudly, “You’re right, I don’t!” That was a pretty awesome moment.

Julie Lohre and Elizabeth after a FITBODY photo shoot to celebrate her transformation!

Did I mention that Elizabeth is an entrepreneur as well?  Elizabeth and her sister Gail began Bella Sorella Pizza –Dayton’s First Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Oven!  Be sure to check them out at!  

Their incredible Wood Fired Pizza’s are beloved and this booming company has made Elizabeth a very busy woman.

That’s right, she stays in amazing shape and runs a pizza business.  Just goes to show, balance is everything and really, what is life without a little pizza?

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