Stability Ball Pike Ups

Stability Ball Pike Ups

Ab Ball Curl InsStability Ball Pike Ups

Ab Ball Pike Ups – Stability Ball Pike Ups

The stability ball ab pike up is sometimes referred to as ab ball pike up.  This challenging exercise tests your balance along with both core and upper body strength.

  1. Begin in a plank or push up hold with the bottom of your shins and the tops of your foot pressing downward on the stability ball.  Keep your hands directly under your shoulders and hold tight through your core.  There should be a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders and the neck should stay in a neutral position.
  2. Using the lower abs, begin drawing your hips upward allowing the ball to roll toward your body.  Keep weight pressing through your palms and maintain balance holding your body steady with your shoulders and abs.  At the top of the position, your hips will be positioned above your head or in line with your shoulders.
  3. Slowly press back to the starting position, maintaining control.  Allow the ball to roll back to the starting position.

This advanced ab exercise can be modified and made less challenging with ab ball curl ins or stability ball curl ins.

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