Kneeling Tricep Pushup

Kneeling Tricep Push Up

The Kneeling Tricep Push Up is an exercise that involves the triceps, chest and core.  This movement is an advanced tricep exercise that will build strength throughout the upper body.

Kneeling Tricep Pushups

Exercise Directions:  Kneeling Tricep Pushup

To begin, bring your hands together in a triangle position allowing your pointer fingers and thumbs to touch.  From your knees, lean forward and place your hands on the ground maintaining that triangle.  With your knees together, cross the feet behind you and lean forward creating a straight line from your shoulders down through your knees.  Slowly, bring the chest down using your hands as a target, ideally getting low enough that the chest will touch your hands.  Elbows should come out to the sides for this movement and as you press back to the top of the kneeling tricep pushup be sure that you are using your triceps to press. Be sure that you are not allowing your hips to drop toward the floor or rise too high and maintain a neutral position with your head and neck.

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