Barbell Ab Rollout Exercise

Barbell Ab Rollout Exercise

How do you do a barbell ab rollout?

Abdominal Barbell Rollouts Instructions:

Kneel on the floor/mat and grasp the barbell with a shoulder width grip. (You can do this with a loaded or unloaded barbell with 5 or 10 lb plates on each side of the barbell. Be sure to put plate clamps on if using weights.)

Keeping your back and arms straight, slowly roll the barbell out in front of you until your arms are fully extended “above your head” while sliding forward.

Tense the abs and slowly roll the barbell back towards your knees ​

Ab Rollout Tips:

Keep your arms and back straight or a slightly hollow position.

Do the exercise slowly, and concentrate on using your abdominal muscles to pull the barbell back towards you.

Are barbell rollouts good for abs?

The Barbell Ab Rollout is a great exercise to really kick the intensity up a notch in your abdominal workouts because not only does it work the entire rectus abdominus, upper & lower abs, but it forces you to learn how to utilize your internal belt to maximize the usefulness of the movement.

Barbell Ab Rollouts

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