Body Recomposition Diet

Unlock the secrets of a successful body recomposition diet! Learn how to achieve simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain for a healthier and fitbody. Including sample body recomp meal plan for women that want to lose fat gain muscle!

Body Recomposition Diet Plan

Body Recomp for Women Lose Fat Gain Muscle

Unlock the secrets of successful body recomposition for women – achieving the perfect balance of losing fat and gaining muscle. Discover effective lose fat gain muscle techniques to reach your fitness goals. You can body recomp with sustainable methods and empower yourself along the journey to becoming a stronger, healthier, and more confident you.


Ninja Warrior Training

Ninja Warrior Training offers women an incredible workout that balances strength, flexibility, agility and endurance!

Planking exercise for abs

Planking Exercise | Plank Challenge

Planking Exercise | Plank Challenge Planking exercise has become all the rage, and for good reason!  This challenging movement is at the core of a healthy, fitbody!  With just the right balance of abdominal engagement and upper body strengthening most fitness experts agree that the plank is one of the top full body exercises.  Ready for a real test?  One …

How to do a deadlift safely

Proper Deadlift Form

Have you been perplexed at what muscles deadlifts work and how to have proper deadlift form? Find out now how this great exercise targets the glutes, hamstrings & quads. You can’t beat Romanian deadlifts for round out your glutes the right way!

Multivitamin Article

Are you missing one of the most important pieces of the supplement puzzle?

Julie’s Favorite Multivitamin for Women”You simply must have a high quality vitamin when you are training hard and trying to reach your fitness goals. I notice a huge difference when my clients consistantly take Fit Tabs! Not only do their bodies function more efficiently, they notice a big improvement in things like the health of their hair, skin and nails. …

How Lifting Weights Changes Your Body

How Lifting Weights Changes Your Body

10 Subtle Body Changes that Happen When You Start Lifting WeightsThe following article and interview were featured in Reader’s Digest and was written by author Andrea CirignanoCalling all cardio junkies! It’s time to step away from the treadmill and pick up a set of weights. You don’t have to give up cardio, but here are some reasons to include strength …

Weight Loss Plan Before and After

Online Training Transformation – 8 Week Transformation

Making lasting changes and an incredible Online Training Transformation takes a whole lot of hard work, dedication and consistency!  I was so excited to see these side by side before and after transformation photos when Brenda sent these my way.  Not only has she fine tuned her physique, her Fit Test results have been incredible too!  Imagine that… gaining muscle & strength, …

How Fit Are You? Online Fitness Test

How Fit Are You?  Online Fitness Test for Women Being fit is about so much more than the number on a scale or fitting into a certain clothing size.  While being at a healthy weight is important, there are other measures the can be most helpful in giving us a full picture of your overall fitness.  And your fitness level …

Butt Building Exercises

Best Butt Exercises

Best Butt Exercises for Women Growing your GlutesReady for the best butt exercises for building round and firm your gluteus maximus? It’s time to leave your pancake butt in the dust and train like you mean it with the best butt workouts specifically targeted to make your back end strong and defined. Not only can a strong, round butt fill …

Front Squat versus Back Squat Proper Front Squat Form

Front Squat versus Back Squat

Both front squats and back squats are fantastic exercises for strengthening the whole lower body. Quads, hamstrings and glutes are all involved. But determining which is best for you – Front Squat versus Back Squat – can be a little complicated. All squats will help us get stronger, jump higher and run faster while shaping your legs and butt. But …

Beverly International Glutamine Select

Beverly International Glutamine Select

Supplement Profile: Beverly International Glutamine Select Each month, I profile some of my favorite supplements that I find to be the most beneficial for women. At the top of this list is the Beverly International Glutamine Select. Over the last 10 years, I have been personally using Glutamine Select and recommending it to all of my training clients because of …

Butt Exercises for Women X Band Walks

Butt Workouts for Women at Home

Get ready to define your backside with the Best Butt Workouts for women at home!Great legs and a tight, round butt is something that we are all after and it can be difficult to find great butt workouts for women at home. For years, I have been coaching women that workout at home but still want to get in an …

Yoga Triangle Demonstration

Fit Body Fitness Tips for Women

FITBODY MAGAZINE FOR WOMENThe Latest in Fitness & Nutrition for Real Women!Click Here to Get It FREE!The Best Fitness Tips for Women Looking for the best fitness tips for women that want a fit body?  You have come to the right place! How many times have you “been on a diet” or tried to find the perfect fitness program? Everywhere we …