2 Month Weight Loss Results

What kind of 8 week weight loss results are really possible?

8 Week Weight Loss Results

Have you have ever wondered how much you can change and what kind of results you can get in just a month or two of training and eating right? Not from extreme dieting, not the latest keto or low carb craze and definitely NOT from spending hours a day in the gym. In this article, I will share with you the secrets to being successful with your weight loss goals in just 8 weeks.

So, how much weight can I lose in 2 months?

In todays world of instant gratification and constant go, go, go we have come expect that we can get incredible results quickly. Be it weight loss or muscle gain, so many women want to see immediate progress. From tightening their inner thigh fat to losing stubborn lower belly fat though, real progress (the kind that lasts) takes time. When you are talking about making serious body transformations it is important to have realistic expectations. That is why I have shared the REAL progress of women like you below. Did they make awesome progress… absolutely! But they did not lose 25 pounds in a month or 2… instead women like Lori M. lost 13 pound and with it… gained a few pounds of muscle. The results? You really can feel and function better than ever!

When you are evaluating an 8 week weight loss plan it is important to remember what grandma always said… If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Extreme dieting the cuts out important macronutrient food groups and calls for crazy calorie restrictions might make you lose weight to start. But chances are you will lose muscle mass along with it and your metabolism will seriously suffer. These kind of fad diets will leave you hungry, grumpy and with unhealthy habits that are sure to just make the weight come back in the end. How many women do you know that have lost 20 pounds just to gain back 30 pounds??? If you are ready to get off the weight loss wheel then it is time to get real with an 8 week weight loss plan that will support your body and your goals. And that will be one that helps you make slow but steady progress over time. If you are asking can I lose 15 pounds in 8 weeks, then yes. Can you lose 25 pounds in 2 months? That is really not realistic for most women.

Bottomline: If you want your results to be lasting aim for 1-2 pounds per week. That means that in an 8 week period you can reasonably lose 8-16 pounds.

But why doesn’t dieting work?

If you have heard the term “yo-yo dieting” before, right? That is because when you are deprived for too long, your body revolts and eventually you will throw in the towel and give back in to old eating habits. There is science too behind why our bodies gain fat back quickly after we have a fast, major weight loss. If you have a significant calorie cut, alarms start to sound in your brain and as a results, your body will compensate by increasing your hunger levels. If instead, you cut back calories slowly, at a pace where you do lose 1 to 2 pounds per week, your body will adjust significantly better. You won’t get dips and spikes in your insulin nor should you experience the severe cravings that come when you feel extremely hungry. In fact, one predictor of whether or not you will keep weight off once you lose it, is how fast you lost the weight in the first place.

The exception to this rule is women that have undergone bariatric surgery and had their stomachs permanently altered. In those situations, more rapid weight loss can be expected. Most of those women begin 100 pounds overweight and might lose 20 pounds per month shortly after surgery, then about 10 pounds per month, and then 5 pounds per month since the surgery forces them to eat slowly and take in less food.

Where do I start if I want to make an 8 Week Weight Loss Transformation?

If you have your goal set on making an 8 week weight loss transformation then the best place to start is with your doctor. Make sure that you are in good health and that there are no underlying problems that might prevent you from working out or that need to be addressed first. Once you have the medical all clear, it is time to implement the two worst kept secrets in the world for those that want to lose weight… get active and eat healthy.

What kind of workouts are best for a 2 month weight loss transformation?

The first step is literally that. Get moving. If you have been totally sedentary begin by walking for 20-40 mins each day, building up over time. If you are currently active, then you need a weight loss workout plan that includes both strength training and cardio. For a beginner, here is the workout split that I would recommend:

Day One: Upper Body Strength Training Circuit
Day Two: 30 mins of HIIT Cardio
Day Three: Yoga
Day Four: Lower Body Strength Training Circuit
Day Five: 60 mins of moderate intensity cardio like biking or hiking
Day Six: Full Body Strength Training Circuit
Day Seven: Rest

What should my 8 week diet plan look like?

Well, let me share with you the experience of one of my clients, Danielle T., who recently made some amazing changes… “I was so surprised when I began working with Julie Lohre in her online personal training program. The nutrition plan she gave me had so much food in it! Before I had not really paid attention to what I was eating. Some days I would eat breakfast but other days I would have some coffee in the morning and not realize that the whole morning had gone by until it was past lunchtime and I was starving. I always thought that eating less was key so I tried so hard to have as many days as possible where I ‘did great’ and ate less than 1200 calories. I could make it about 4 days that way before waves of hunger and crazy food cravings swept over me and I ended up binging on everything in site. Those days, my calories would be well over 3,000… and I felt so ashamed.

The first meal plan she created for me include 1,800 calories every day! I could hardly believe it! As I shared with her my fears that the calories were too high and that I would gain weight, Julie assured me that I would not. She listened and explained the importance of feeding your body with healthy wholesome foods and being consistent. I was still skeptical, but trusted Julie since she had worked with so many women in the past and had such amazing results. “

What happened next SHOCKED me. My energy soared, my workouts became INCREDIBLE and the scale began inching DOWN!” Danielle T.

Here is Danielle’s first 2 Month Diet Plan

Meal 1: 
1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, 1/2 c omelet veggies, 1 grapefruit & a ½ cup of oatmeal
Meal 2:
2 scoops Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein & 1 cup strawberries
Meal 3: 
4 oz grilled chicken, 2/3 c brown rice, & 1 cup broccoli
Meal 4: 
Apple with 2 heaping tablespoons of almond butter
Meal 5: 
6 oz fish or 4 oz chicken, 1/2 c quinoa, mixed greens salad, 1 T. olive oil & vinegar salad dressing
Meal 6: 
2 slices whole grain bread, 2 T. natural peanut butter, 2 T. sugar-free grape jelly

“This diet really worked for me. I enjoyed all of these foods and never went hungry or felt deprived. After 8 weeks I had lost 15 pounds on the scale, but more importantly, I felt amazing! I was stronger, faster and more fit than ever before!”

Let’s meet some of these REAL women:

Rather these are real women, just like you, that have busy lives. They do not have time for the insanity that most instagram fitness stars & dieting gurus purport. These women have worked with me in my online personal training program and we have struck a balance to where fitness works within their lives… it has not taken over. Let me share with you some of their stories:

8 Week Weight Loss Results: Lauren O.

Let’s start with an amazing women… Lauren O. This married, mom of 2 teens was working 6-7 days a week and helping to taking care of her aging parents. She had just turned 50 and knew now was the time to take control of her fitness and to get to her personal best.

So many women in their 40’s and 50’s struggle with similar issues… gaining weight easily, especially in the thighs and lower stomach, slow metabolism and the effects of beginning menopause. Compound that with the demands of a flourishing career and taking care of both your older children and your parents… well, it is a recipe for weight gain.

Here is what Lauren had to say… “My only regret is not starting the program sooner when I started to lose control over something that I have always done on my own.  What I was doing to stay healthy was no longer working for me.   I was not consistent allowing the chaos of life take over.  For me, it is a demanding career that has me traveling an average of 3k airline miles monthly,  working in four different time zones,  menopause, sleep deprivation, meals on the run,  and my battle with migraines that caused me to downward spiral and put on excessive weight for my 5’2 frame. ”    

“I knew that I was gaining rapidly, clothes were tight or did not fit, afraid to face reality and weigh myself.    I love being in shape and active, not afraid to work for it, I was ashamed I let it get this bad.    I was struggling and in denial.  I am also a photographer always behind the camera never in front until my husband threw me a surprise 50th birthday party,  I was suddenly in the lime-light with no camera in my hands to hide behind.    Seeing those photos made me face my weight gain. 

A friend of mine, Michelle had lost 40 pounds working with Julie Lohre completely online.  I emailed Julie the next day and she did what I was not doing for myself which was help me bring structure and order to my meals and exercise routine.    My progress has been steady and consistent.    I was once “always hungry” now that I am eating well and eating right combinations of foods portioned, I am not “always hungry”.   

“In eight weeks I lost 12.8 pounds, 3.2% body fat, 12.75 inches.     I know what my body needs for fuel when, I am stronger and able to now run a full mile without alternate walk run walk run.”

Lauren O. – Long Meadow, MA
8 Week Weight Loss Transformation Side by Side
Lauren made incredible changes at her waist, hips and thighs in just the first 8 weeks of training.
From the back before and after photos you can see how much tighter Lauren’s waist has gotten!

“In eight weeks I lost 12.8 pounds, 3.2% body fat, 12.75 inches.  I know what my body needs for fuel when, I am stronger and able to now run a full mile without alternate walk run walk run.  I travel with Ultimate Muscle Protein powder so that I have healthy go-to when none are available and able to take my routine on the go.  Most importantly,  I am paying myself first making health and wellness number one priority.    I have adopted this as my new lifestyle and very much excited about continuing my journey with Julie’s support, coaching and realistic plans to follow.”   

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2 month Weight Loss Results

2 Month Weight Loss Results: Lori M.

When Lori M of Terre Haute came to me 2 months ago, she told me that at 52 years old she felt extremely out of shape.  At 5’3” she was 175 lbs and struggled with hip pain so disabling that she often struggled to climb a set of stairs.  She had competed 20+ years ago but the competition dieting had taken a toll on her body and her metabolism so she stayed at least 30 pounds over weight ever since.  

In her initial message to me Lori shard her goals…

“Julie, my desire is to get back into great shape and get into living my life again.  I feel bad all the time and I know if I could just get on the right track, I think I can get better.  Do you think you could help me?”

8 Week Weight Loss Results
In just 8 weeks of online fitness coaching Lori M has had incredible results! Lori says this 8 week weight loss has made her feel incredible and she is getting into clothes she has not worn in ages!
8 Week Weight Loss Results Lohre
8 Week Weight Loss Results Back

2 Month Weight Loss Results

After just 8 weeks, things are significantly different for Lori! Check out the incredible changes she has been able to make:

⚖️ Down 13 lbs on the scale 
👍 Lost 4.5 inches at her waist & 3.5 at her hips
💪🏼 More than doubled the number of pushups she can do 🤸‍♀️ Significant improvements in her flexibility

Best of all, her hip pain has all but disappeared!

⬇️⬇️⬇️ Check out her video! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Lori had such great success with her first 8 weeks of online training that she jumped at the chance to renew for a second 8 week session.  Congratulations Lori!!!

2 month weight loss stories

2 Month Weight Loss Results: Laura H.

8 Week Diet Plan before and after
Making change postpartum can be difficult given all the stresses a mom is under, but Laura H was able to make these awesome changes in just 8 weeks!
8 Week Diet Plan before and after
In her 8 week before and after photos from the back, you can really see the difference!

When Laura H. first contacted me, she was 31 weeks pregnant with her third child. She already had a c-section scheduled and knew that once she was released postpartum she would be ready to jump in full force to get back into pre-baby shape. After a healthy delivery, she emailed me again 6 weeks postpartum having been released medically. Having 3 little ones, she wanted to workout at home.

Laura’s post baby fitness goals… have a lean and toned body, eat the right foods with the proper nutrients for her body and to get more energy with a faster metabolism.

The 2 month weight loss results were pretty amazing. Laura lost about 10 pounds of bodyfat while gaining 2-3 pounds of muscle. She took 3 inches off her hips and waist and not is back into her pre-baby jeans. In fact, her waist is now 2 inches SMALLER than it was one year ago… before she got pregnant. Best of all though were the results of the Fit Test.

⚖️ Down 8 lbs on the scale, up 2-3 lbs of muscle
👍 Lost 3 inches at her waist & hips
💪🏼 More than doubled the number of pushups she can do (from 13 on her knees to 10 military pushups)
🤸‍♀️ Shaved almost 2 minutes off her mile run time!

“Finding oneself is hard. From being a wife, full time dental hygienist and a mom of 3 boys, I was lost in the world of doing everyday activities, but none of which benefited me physically and mentally. I used to love working out, it was my passion when I was younger, but why did I stop? Why could I not make time for something that use to bring me joy? As moms, we feel that we can’t make time because we have to give so much of our time to others. By the end of the day we are tired and then we wake up tired, mostly because we didn’t fuel our bodies properly the day before.

I would find myself endlessly scrolling through pinterest of fad diets and workouts that never lasted. I knew I needed professional help. That’s when I found Julie Lohre. She helped me by understanding my body and what it needed. She made the meal preps and work outs custom to what I already had at home so I didn’t need to buy a gym membership. If you calculate the time I spent on social media, the time I needed to work out was literally right in front of me. When I started putting the love back into myself, it was easier to make the time and I became more energized and excited about my inner strength. I am no longer saying “I’ll make time tomorrow”. Tomorrow is now, and I cannot thank Julie enough.”

8 Week Weight Loss Results: Teri C.

When 42 year old new mom Teri C contacted me 2 months ago, she had just had her first baby. She told me that as an older new mom she really wanted and needed to get healthy for her daughter. To set a good example and to make sure she was there for her as long as possible. Having struggled with food and weight her whole life, Teri did not want to pass that legacy on to her little girl. With her goals of developing a healthier relationship with good and increasing her overall stamina, we got started right away in my 8 Week Online Training program.

2 month Weight Loss Before and After Teri C.

Her 2 month weight loss results are pretty incredible! In just 8 weeks, Teri has lost 16 pounds on the scale (approx. 20 pounds of bodyfat while gaining 3-4 pounds of muscle). Her waist is down 5.5 inches and her hips are 5 inches tighter. Really, all key measurements are significantly down! What is most exciting though are the changes she has made in that Fit Test. Teri has shaved 4 mins off her mile run and is significantly stronger with her pushups. Clearly she is stronger, faster and more fit than she was just 2 months ago.

⚖️ Down 16 lbs on the scale, up 3-4 lbs of muscle
👍 Lost 5+ inches at her waist & hips
💪🏼 5X her strength… from 2 up to 10 strict pushups!
🤸‍♀️ Shaved 4+ minutes off her mile run time!

Here is what Teri had to say… “I’m really very happy with the results! I shaved more time off my mile run-I’m still walking some of it, but obviously it’s at a much faster pace. Woohoo! And, I’m now logging some real numbers on regular push ups instead of doing all/most from my knees.”

“I can definitely tell I’m stronger. I use to HATE mountain climbers. Mainly because I just didn’t feel strong enough to do them. I would always have to stop mid-set for a break before finishing. I no longer have to do that. I really enjoyed the band work this last round. I think my body did too-lol. It gave my joints a nice break while still being very challenging. I have been INCREDIBLY happy with my results so far and I am absolutely thrilled with what you’ve helped me achieve in the past 8 weeks.”

4 Month Weight Loss Results: Jamie F.

4 months ago, Jamie F reached out in email. She had competed in figure in the past and felt like her old coach had ruined her metabolism with super low calories meal plans and insane amounts of cardio. Jamie’s goal now… to lose 10-15 pounds or just look leaner while repairing her metabolism so that she could have long term results.

Jamie’s 4 month weight loss results were really stunning. In just 16 weeks she had not just lost weight on the scale, she had transformed her body with new muscle and definition. She was tighter, leaner and more defined than she had been before her 4 month weight loss transformation.

4 Month Weight Loss Before and After Front
4 Month Weight Loss Before and After

4 Month Weight Loss Transformation

⚖️ Down 10+ lbs on the scale, up 2-4 lbs of muscle
💪🏼 Doubled her strength… from 13 up to 25 strict pushups!
🤸‍♀️ Shaved a minute and a half off her mile run time!

Here is what Jaime had to say about her 16 week transformation… “WOW is the word when I see those pictures from my beginning.  I delete those pictures off my phone as soon as I send to you every 2 weeks (haha).  Modesty plus embarrassment I think.  But now seeing those, here is how I feel.  The first, I am proud of myself (with YOUR help and guidance!) because I have worked hard and stayed consistent – even the days I didn’t feel like working out I did – maybe not my best but I have always done something and usually feel so much better after just getting started!  Second, I am mad at myself for ever letting myself get to that point but that is a great reminder to NEVER do that again!!!

I so wish I had competed years ago under you because this experience has been such a wonderful positive enjoyable ‘team’ lesson.  Years ago I felt awful, had a horrible diet, and just wanted the workouts over.  Literally I would count the days down to contest just to be done (get it over with)– not because I enjoyed it.  I just didn’t stop because I am loyal and didn’t want the coach to be disappointed but never enjoyed anything other than looking good in the mirror.

This diet has variety, choices, is healthy and I enjoy the workouts.  So, thank you for who you are and what you represent.  I thank God for all my blessings and definitely starting this with you is added to my “blessing list”!  I truly appreciate the diets and workouts more than you ever will know and just learning and understanding for myself!”

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