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Finding your fitness motivation...the FITBODY My Fitness Why

Have you thought much about your fitness motivation?  Motivation is a funny thing... strong motivation can boost us toward our long term goals or while a lack of it can tear us down and make us apathetic.  If you really want to make serious changes to your health and to your body, then you are going to have to dig deep and figure out your fitness motivation.  What is it that drives you and is going to be there, pulling you toward those goals when the road gets tough and sugar comes calling?

Well, there are so many reasons that women choose to workout, choose to eat healthy and choose to strive for more with their fitness.  I have talked with women of all walks of life for years about fitness and the reasons why living a fit and healthy lifestyle is important to them to really understand what is their fitness motivation. What I have found is that living this healthy lifestyle is about sooo much more than how you look or winning any type of trophy. I love how diverse the reasons are for all the hard work and sweat that goes into their workouts.  Not to mention the self control they exhibit with a healthy, balance way of eating.

Below, check out some of the stories from women like you that make their own fitness as well as the health and fitness of their whole family a priority.  Click the photo link to read more about each woman and her particular “my fitness why”.  When you are done, take some time to reflect for yourself.  What is driving you and how can you use your fitness motivation to live the life you have always dreamed.

Ready to find your Fitness Motivation and change your body & your life?

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