Dumbell Fly with Glute Bridge

Dumbbell Fly with Glute Bridge

Dumbbell Fly with Glute Bridge – This combination movement works both your chest and glutes in a synergistic move. Advanced movement with a single leg brings the hip flexors and quads into play

Figure Four Single Leg Squat

Figure Four Dancers Single Leg Squat

The Figure Four Single Leg Squat, sometimes called the figure four squat for dancers, is a variation on the traditional air squat that adds components of core, balance and flexibility to create a challenging and effective squat variation exercise.

Standing Glute Kickbacks for upper glutes

Standing Glute Kickback

Standing Glute Kickback or Banded Glute Kickback If you’re looking to build a firmer, rounder booty, then you’ll want to pay attention. In this article, we’ll be talking about standing glute kickbacks, a simple yet effective exercise that targets the gluteal muscles. Not only is it a great way to tone and shape your backside, but it also has the …

ballet leg exercises

Ballet Side Leg Raise

This ballet leg exercises inspired move, works your hips, glutes, thighs, abdominals as well as your hamstring flexibility. Starting with a Curtsey squat to the side, you’ll raise and kick your leg up and out to the side. Not everyone will be able to kick as high or as tall as I’m demonstrating. How do you get ballet legs? Ballerina’s …

External Delt Rotations Exercise

External Delt Rotations

Hyla Conrad, WBFF Pro demonstrates the External Delt Rotations exercise External Delt Rotations was last modified: March 8th, 2018 by Julie Lohre

Dumbell Front Delt Raises

DB Front Raise Exercise

Dumbell Front Raise Exercise Demonstration – Delt Front Raises Targets: Shoulder, upper chest Equipment Needed: Dumbbells Level: Beginner The dumbbell front raise is a basic weight lifting exercise that is great for beginners through advanced weight lifters. In this version of the dumbbell front raise, you start with a dumbbell in each hand at thigh level. You raise the dumbbells …

Lunge with Front Kick Exercise Demonstration

Lunge Front Kick Exercise

Standing Lunges with a front kick tend to be a better form of lunges when compared to stationary lunges due to the impact they have on the leg and thigh muscles and the fact that standing lunges with a kick involve a dynamic movement and balance. Dawn Reichley, IFBB Figure Pro demonstrates the Lunge Front Kick Exercise Lunge Front Kick Exercise was last modified: March 17th, 2020 …

Barbell Bench Press With Leg Lift

Lying Leg Raise with Chest Press exercise

Barbell Bench Press with Lying Leg Raise Begin by laying down on floor or bench and position the barbell so your eyes are directly underneath the bar Set up your hands evenly about shoulder width apart. Get into a hollow body position (toes pointed, abs and quads squeezed) before moving the barbell. Once in this position, lift the bar over …

Lateral Raise Pulses

Quarter Lateral Raises | Lateral Raise Pulses Exercise

Lateral Raise Pulses | Quarter Lateral Raises: Elevate Your Shoulder Workout Many of the women I work with in my online fitness coaching program aim for sculpting lean, strong shoulders as one of their fitness goals. Beyond looks, strong shoulders are important in daily movements and enhancing overall upper body strength. Pulsing Lateral Raise or Lateral Raise Pulses are a …

Wall Pushups exercise demonstration

Wall Pushups exercise

Dawn Reichley demonstrates the Wall Pushups exercise Wall Pushups exercise was last modified: March 17th, 2020 by Julie Lohre

Alternating Dumbbell Snatch

Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch

Work your full body with this Crossfit inspired exercise! Alternating Dumbbell Snatch or Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch builds strength and agility for women.

Medicine Ball Roll Back exercise

Medicine Ball Roll Back

Julie Lohre demonstrates the Medicine Ball Roll Back Medicine Ball Roll Back was last modified: March 8th, 2018 by Julie Lohre

Barbell Squat with Side Leg Raise

Here’s a move that can help you create definition in your outer thighs while building firm and tight glutes. You’ll definitely feel this move burning both sides of your tush at the same time. Completing the Barbell Squat with Side Leg Raise: • Rack the barbell on the back of your shoulders.• Stand with your feet shoulder-width distance apart, feet …

Delt Skier Kickbacks

Delt Skier Kickback

Julie Lohre demonstrates the Delt Skier Kickback Also referred to as the Straight-arm dumb-bell kick-back: This exercise is designed to minimize the trapezius involvement when training rear delts. This move is often confused with tricep kickbacks and while the finishing position is similar, the difference is that your arms remain straight and the shoulder joint is the pivoting portion rather than …

Fire Hydrant Exercise

Fire Hydrant Exercise

Sculpt your booty! This guide will teach you how to master the fire hydrant exercise so that you can target those glute muscles for a jaw-dropping butt

3 Way Medicine Ball Squats

Multi-planar Exercise: 3 Way Med Ball Squats

Multi-Planar Exercise: 3 Way Med Ball Squats Multiplanar exercise is a type of workout that involves movement in more than one plane of motion. It’s a highly effective way to improve overall fitness, strength, and coordination. One specific multiplanar exercise that you can incorporate into your fitness routine is the 3 Way Med Ball Squat. This variation on the squat …

Julie Lohre Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep Kickback with Dumbbell

Dumbbell Tricep Kickback – A Complete Guide to Tone & Define the Triceps by on Julie Lohre offers an in-depth guide on tricep kickbacks. It covers the step-by-step process of performing the exercise, its benefits for arm strength and muscle tone, and how it engages both the arms and the core for improved posture. The article also addresses correct form, weight selection, and anatomical details of the triceps brachii, highlighting its importance in the movement. This comprehensive guide is ideal for those seeking to enhance their upper body workout regimen.

Lying Leg Raises

Lying Leg Raise

Lying Leg Raise Abdominal Exercise | Double Leg Drop Exercise Lying leg raises, also called the double leg drop exercise, are one of my favorite movements to work your hip flexors and are one of the best exercises for tightening and strengthening the abs. Growing up as a gymnast, bodyweight abdominal exercises helped me develop core strength needed for advanced …